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G3 G4 Panel Pre Air Filter

More air filter area, more airflow rate

Synthetic fiber, Panel and flat design

  • Generally, the thickness of a flat pre air filter is between 10-25 mm. This thickness is generally not suitable for a pleated pre air filter. The flat pre air filter can provide a thinner thickness, which is more conveniently to use. The thickness of filter media is usually the same as the thickness of the filter 10-25 mm, with a fluffy construction, and one side may contain glue to absorb more dust.
  • The flat pre air filter uses synthetic fiber as the filter material. When enough dust is collected to reach the rated dust holding capacity, it can be washed 1-2 times. However, multiple cleaning is not recommended, as water washing will damage the structure of the synthetic fiber and affect the filtration efficiency.
  • The fluffy synthetic fiber has lower resistance, which can reduce the power consumption of the ventilation system.

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