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Pass Box for cleanroom



custom size

All Pass box can be customized into different size, standard size, single box, multiply box combine, floor mounted pass box and so on

global selling

Overseas market available, we offer pass box to more than 30 countries since 2002, welcome to contact us !

Standard size

We offer standard size for the pass box, please check our product brochure for the details

tech Support

24 hours online before / after sales service to help you understand and install / maintian the pass box


SUS 201 / 304 / Gal

Strong SUS 201 / 304  / painted steel shell to make sure long term usage and durable, all pass box can be used for more than 5 years

360° rotate SUS nozzles

the 360 degree rotate nozzels can help blow wind to all direction, achieve best air purify effection

Custom Size & Shape

To meet different application, we can offer custom size / custom design and multiply pass boxes combine group design

Introduction of Pass Box

Pass box made of metallic housing, stainless steel 201 or 304 or painted metal plate; All pass box must be equiped with interlock door; Interlock door make sure the two doors in each side won`t open at the same time. Static pass box without air shower nozzels, dynamic pass box with air shower nozzels that can remove fine dust, it just like a tiny air shower. Pass box with standard size or custom size, multiply-unit pass box group is available also.

Basic Specification for the Pass Box

for cleanroom / for clean booth


Most frequent application for the cleanroom Pass Box

1. The pass box must be placed horizontally, which can be placed on the wall, a certain distance from the ground or close to the ground
2. The grounding end of the power socket shall be connected to the pass box, and reliable grounding shall be provided during installation to ensure personal safety
3. The two doors of the pass box are in the closed state, connect the power supply, press the main switch of the pass box, and when the indicator light is on, the pass box is in the working state
4. When the door on either side is opened, the door on the other side is locked and cannot be opened. Meanwhile, the light on the opposite side indicates that the door cannot be opened
5. The pass box equipped with sterilization lamp can effectively kill some bacteria and improve the cleaning effect.Before turning on the sterilization lamp, both sides of the door must be closed at the same time, personnel in the process of operation is strictly prohibited to turn on the sterilization lamp, otherwise it will cause damage to human eyes and skin.
6. In order to reduce pollution, the door of the pass box can only be opened when the item is delivered. It needs to be closed immediately after the transfer, which is also convenient for people on the other side to use the pass box
7. The equipment shall be used in an environment with cleanliness no less than 10000 class
8. Before using the clean pass box for food factory, the equipment should be tested for cleanliness and colony number, and the pass box can be used only when meet the technical requirements

As a special commodity, the production conditions of drugs are affected by many aspects.Among them, cleanliness is an important factor to measure hygiene standards in pharmaceutical workshops.In the pharmaceutical industry, cleaning equipment has done a lot of work for pharmaceutical workshops.

The pass box, also known as the transfer thru, is a necessary auxiliary equipment in the pharmaceutical cleanroom.The pass box is mainly used for the transfer of small articles between clean area and non-clean area to reduce the number of clean room doors and the degree of pollution to cleanroom.

More information about Pass Box

Pass box for cleanroom

Cleanroom pass box manufacturer – EawayFilters – provide static pass box, dynamic pass box

Pass box with electronic interlock and mechanical interlock
All static pass box and dynamic pass box with standard and customized size
To choice a manufacturer and supplier for cleanroom pass box, welcome to contact EawayFilters

Static Pass Box

Static pass box is a simple design, it is the connection between two same cleanliness level cleanroom to pass small items, or higher level to lower level.

There is no air shower nozzle in the static pass box, but it is still also electronic or mechanical interlock

As a cleanroom pass box manufacturer, we offer standard and customized size

Dynamic pass box

Dynamic pass box is the device for passing small items between standard cleanroom to uncleaned area, mainly in pharmaceutical, laboratory, hospital, LED, micron electronics industries

To reduce the use of air shower and cleanroom door, maintain cleanroom cleanliness level and prevent cross contamination because of different pressure in different room

Working principle of pass box

Mechanical interlocking – When one door is opened, another door cannot be opened, and another door can be opened only when the other door is closed.

Electronic interlocking – for this design, the pass box equipped with integrated circuit, electromagnetic lock, control panel, indicator light

When one door is opened, the indicator light of the other door is not on, indicating that the door cannot be opened, at the same time, the electromagnetic lock is locked

If one door open, other door cannot open

Because of the two door cannot open at the same time, it make sure cleanroom without air pollution and it`s easier to maintain cleanliness level and cleanroom pressure

For more details about the Pass Box ?

Specification of the Pass Box