V Bank HEPA filter

More air filter area, more airflow rate

3V / 4V / 5V / 6V
H13 / H14

  • Comparing with the normal HEPA filters, v bank HEPA filters can offer larger airflow rate in same size. Cause the v bank design generate multiply folded filter pack. It means more air filter area.
  • This is very helpful for some small size limited cleanroom ventilation.
  • Standard size is 610*610*292 mm or 610*305*292 mm half size.
  • Wildly used for all kinds of cleanroom terminal filter stage.

Basic introduction


  • Frame: galvanized steel / Aluminum board
  • Efficiency: H13 (99.97%) / H14 (99.995%) EN:1822
  • V bank design, 3V, 4V, 5V, 6V multiply choice
  • EVA gasket or urethane seamless gasket
  • Mini pleat glass fiber filter material
  • Box type or flange type


  • Same size with more airflow rate than normal HEPA filters
  • Lower pressure drop, save electricity
  • To offer both standard or customize size
  • Large dust holding ability, longer service life


  • Pharmaceutical clean room to reduce the pollution of medicine
  • Hospital surgery room to prevent patients from infection
  • Electricity industries to promote product quality and yield
  • Replacement for Fan Filter Unit, Laminar flow hoods, HEPA box terminal and so on
  • For home application, remove odor, far, dust to improve asthma
  • Applied to the laboratory to create an absolutely clean experimental environment and improve the reliability of the experiment

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