Fluid Gel Seal HEPA filter

Perfect Seal, Without Leakages

Pharmaceutical Cleanroom HEPA

  • Gel Seal HEPA filter can offer more strict seal to prevent leakage, it`s widely used for pharmaceutical industries and laboratories.
  • Fluid gel is a semi-solid material that won`t broken easily, the knife edge side on the filter box connect with fluid gel, create a perfect seal.
  • There are panel design and flange design two options.
  • Gel seal HEPA filter efficiency is H13, H14, U15 EN:1822, all HEPA filter tested according to MPPS

Basic introduction


  • Frame: Aluminum alloy
  • Efficiency: H13 (99.97%) / H14 (99.995%) / U15 (99.9995%) EN:1822
  • Panel or flange design
  • Fluid gel seal gasket
  • Mini pleat glass fiber filter material
  • Each gel seal HEPA filter tested and certified


  • With better seal than EVA or urethane gasket
  • Mini pleat filter pack, lower pressure drop
  • To offer both standard or customize size
  • Large dust holding ability, longer service life


  • Pharmaceutical clean room to reduce the pollution of medicine
  • Hospital surgery room to prevent patients from infection
  • Electricity industries to promote product quality and yield
  • For laboratory HEPA box, biosafety cabinet HEPA filter replacement
  • For home application, remove odor, far, dust to improve asthma
  • Applied to the laboratory to create an absolutely clean experimental environment and improve the reliability of the experiment

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