Hand wash basin


  • For automotive painting spray cleanroom
  • For food process cleanroom
  • For packing industrial cleanroom
  • For hospital cleanroom
  • For pharmaceutical cleanroom
  • For micron electronics cleanroom


  • Automatic water out
  • Painted / Stainless Steel Shell
  • Cold&hot air flow to dry the hands
  • English version control panel

custom size

the hand wash baisn can be customized according to your requirements, size, function, material customized all OK

global selling

Overseas market available, we offer hand wash basin to more than 30 countries since 2002, welcome to contact us !

Standard size

We offer standard size for the hand wash basin, please check our product brochure for the details

tech Support

24 hours online before / after sales service to help you understand and install / maintian the hand wash basin


SUS 201 / 304 Shell

Strong SUS 201 / 304 shell to make sure long term usage and durable, the device design to use more than 5 years

MiniPleat HEPA filter

the air flow out to dry hands, cold air be heated by heater make it to hot air.

Custom Size & Shape

To meet different application, we can offer custom size / shape service, L 90 degree, U shape, 3 door, multi-tunnel design available

Basic Introduction of hand wash basin

Stainless steel automatic hand wash basin is a wide range usage of equipment, this machine can automatically provide water when workers use it. After washing, the hands will be dried by hot air flow purified by HEPA filter and heated by the heater, so as to dry the hands immediately. This machine can be placed on the entrance of cleanroom and inside the cleanroom. Automatic hand wash basin can save time and make it be conveniently for workers to clean hands. Water flow automatically, hot & purified air flow come out automatically

Specification for the hand wash basin

for personal & commercial application

  • Casing - SUS 304 / painted metal plate
  • Size 580*580*1760mm
  • Air flow velocity 25m/s
  • Air flow duration 25s
  • Airflow temprature 48°C ± 3
  • Average noise 65dB ± 5dB
  • Airflow time adjustable
  • HEPA filter efficiency 99.99% @ 0.3um
  • Water supply - automatically
  • Air supply - automatically
  • Electricity power 220V 50Hz / 2Kw
  • Infrared ray sensing
  • Mirror
  • Emergency stop - yes
  • English control panel
  • Waranty - one year
  • Customized size - yes
  • LOGO printing - Yes
  • Package - carton box / wooden case

Details & Introduction

Some basic information about the hand wash basin
Basic introduction The cleanroom automatically hand wash basin can be used for many application. Mostly be placed on the entrance of cleanroom, workers wash hands and dry hands very conveniently. This is helpful for save time and reduce cross – contamination. It can be used for electronic, fine mechanic, pharmaceutical, chemical, agriculture industries. Infrared ray sensing system, automatically water and airflow out Very fast to dry the hands, the airflow velocity is 30m/s, with heater to generate high speed warm airflow, dry the hands within 15-20 seconds With over currency, over heat, short circuit, motor protection, make sure safe

For more details about the hand wash basin?

Specification of the hand wash basin