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Fan filter unit for cleanroom


custom size

All fan filter unit can be customized into different size, standard size 24*12 inch and 12*12 inch and cusotmized size

global selling

Overseas market available, we offer Fan Filter Unit to more than 30 countries since 2002, welcome to contact us !

Standard size

We offer standard size for the FFU, please check our product brochure for the details

tech Support

24 hours online before / after sales service to help you understand and install / maintian the Fan Filter Unit


SUS 201 / 304 / Gal

Strong SUS 201 / 304 / galvanizted / painted steel shell to make sure long term usage and durable, all fan filter unit can be used for more than 5 years

MiniPleat HEPA filter

mini pleat HEPA filter Efficiency H13 99.97% @ 0.3 micron to remove dust, to achieve perfect purification

Custom Size & Shape

To meet different application, we can offer custom size / custom efficiency and centralized control system application

Introduction of Fan Filter Unit

Fan filter unit is a device for cleanroom, it comes with fan / motor, HEPA filter. HEPA filter remove fine dust with good efficiency 99.99%, fan to help airflow overcome the resistance of HEPA filter. Fan filter unit air velocity is adjustable, 3 level adjustable. Also the ffu can be controlled centralized by computer system. Most of the FFU are made of metallic housing, stainless steel / painted metal plate and so on.

Basic Specification for the Fan Filter Unit

for cleanroom / for clean devices / for clean booth


Most frequent application for the cleanroom Fan Filter Unit

FFU is a modular terminal air supply device with built-in power and filtration efficiency in the clean booth.There are various levels of cleanliness and spatial collocation in the clean booth, so the FFU in the clean booth can provide local air purification equipment in a high clean environment.Clean room is mainly composed of box body, fan, primary air filter, damp layer, lamp, etc.The clean booth can be hung and supported on the ground. It is compact and easy to use.It can be used individually, or multiple connections can be made into a strip clean area to reduce costs.

Advantages of the clean booth: the air is sucked into the air by the fan from the top of FFU and filtered by the primary filter and high efficiency filter. The filtered clean air is sent out to the clean booth at a constant speed of 0.45m/s + 20% across the entire air outlet surface.A uniform flow layer is formed to make the clean air flow presents a vertical one-way flow, thus ensuring the required cleanliness in the work area.Can be used alone or in combination.Modular structure, easy to improve cleanliness, strong expansibility, and high reuse value;


The quality of food and the standards around it are constantly improving, and the safety of food depends on the production technology and production environment. The food industry has very severe requirements on the processing environment and production environment of food.Many manufacturers in the food production workshop have built cleanroom as the isolation of outdoor pollution. While, Just build a clean room can’t completely discharge pollutants, fan filter unit is needed to maintain cleanliness level, clean air be sent in uniform wind by FFU, so, most food production manufacturer will order a certain number of Fan Filter Unit.

The medical industry demands a high degree of cleanliness. Many experiments and surgeries can only be carried out in a specific environment of high cleanliness.

The FFU purification unit can guarantee this well.

In the biopharmaceutical industry, although compared with the electronics industry, the requirements for the overall purification level are not high, but for the control of dust particles and bacteria pollution, generally the sterile room needs to be equipped with a 100-level laminar flow hood to protect, and these environmental cleanliness guarantee cannot be separated from the FFU purification unit.

The electronics industry, due to the nature of products and user experience, pay special attention to the clean environment in the production workshop.Industries like electronics, flat-panel displays and semiconductors are long – term users of FFU cleaning units.

All of our high-end phones are made in a clean room, and the FFU cleaning unit is an effective guarantee of their quality

More information about Fan Filter Unit

Class 100 Fan Filter Unit-1175 / 1220

Class 100 Fan Filter Unit-1175 / 1220 application
widely used in semiconductor, electronic, flat-panel display, disk drive manufacturers and optical, biological industries, clean production line, clean bench, clean room, modular clean room and laminar cover, etc

Advantageous:  long working time, low noise, maintenance easily, small vibration, stepless speed regulation, uniform wind speed and convenient installation
The FFU can be connected with modularization, which makes FFU widely used in morden cleanroom

Fan Filter Unit features
FFU Fan Filter Unit external size (mm) : 1175*575*320, 1225*615*320mm or customized size

FFU casing and high efficiency filter HEPA are designed in a separate way. It is more convenient to install and replace HEPA filter

FFU – Back centrifugal fan made in China, and the working time is over 100,000 hours

For more details about the Fan Filter Unit ?

Specification of the Fan Filter Unit