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FFU fan filter unit is a kind of cleanroom equipment with fan inside, used for turbulent and laminar flow cleanroom, this equipment apply modularization design, according to design specification, it can match any ceiling system easily, air purified by high efficiency HEPA filter, in order to achieve clean class 1000 to class 10.The fan filter unit is one of the most quiet and affordable equipment in the cleanroom industries at present. Below, Let`s EawayFilters explain the structure and function of FFU filter unit

air shower is personnel necessary purification equipment for entering the cleanroom ,when staff entering the workshop, cleaned air blowed by rotating the nozzle from injection to people in all directions, effective and rapidly clear the dust on the clothes, hair, hair and other polutions.

The two doors of the air shower are electronically locked, and the two doors cannot be opened at the same time. This feature allows the air shower to act as an air lock, preventing external pollution and unpurified air from entering the clean area. Eliminate the staff to bring the hair, dust and bacteria into the workshop, to meet the strict standards of clean and clean the workplace, and produce high quality products

the pass box is a kind of equipment in cleanroom, mainly used for small objects between clean areas and uncleaned areas, this can effectively reduce the use frequency of air shower, can prolong the service life of air shower, also can let more people while using clean pass box and the air shower at the same time. This device is essential for controlling the cleanliness level of a cleanroom
Usually the pass box is made of stainless steel shell, or cold plate paint shell. The inner material is stainless steel, or both inside and outside are made of stainless steel
Doors on both sides have mechanical interlocking devices, or electronic interlocking devices, to ensure that the doors on both sides cannot be opened at the same time
According to different application, pass boxes can be equipped with ultraviolet sterilization lamp, buzzer, intercom, electronic interlock devices