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custom HEPA air filter for air purifiers


EawayFilters is the manufacturer for customized HEPA filters, we have professional R&D team to help you design, test, manufacture the custom HEPA filters, LOGO printing, OEM and ODM and so on


Efficiency Range

HEPA filters from H10, H11, H12, H13, H14 EN:1822

Standard & Customize

All kinds of HEPA filters for both standard and customized size

Strict Test

Each HEPA filter are tested by laser scan machine ensure no leakage

Widely design

Mini pleat, Deep pleat, V bank, High Flow, Gel Seal, High temp etc.


Custom HEPA filters for air purifier

Almost all of the air purifier HEPA filters, the size is non-standard, some even with around and unusual shape; In that case, custom HEPA filters service is necessary.
EawayFilters provide professional ODM / OEM service for non-standard HEPA filters.
We use AutoCAD and Pro-E to design HEPA filters shape, we have very good experience for picking a suitable raw material, include frame, filter media, glue, gasket and so on.
After the design, we make it and test it, we have a test tunnel to check if the filter efficiency and pressure drop meet the requirements

Custom Hepa Filters for Cleanroom

Sometimes, the ventilation system is not standard size because of the space limited, the installed air filters and HEPA filters also non-standard.
In order to meet clients` requirements for non-standard air filters and HEPA filters, we provide custom service.
HEPA filters size is customized, and filter media, frame material; For different application, we can design it to high temperature resistance, anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-sea sault and so on