customized air filter

custom air filters

To custom air filters, there are some details should be confirmed at the first

We custom special shape size air filters for you !

EawayFilters is the custom air filters manufacturer in China, we start our factory since 2002, and now we have annual marketing turnover is 5 million about. We have stuff about 50 and engineer 5;  Professional R&D department to help you design, test and manufacture custom air filters.


Application of the filters

so that we have an idea how to design and what kind of material should be used, there are many different material for the air filters, for example, polyester roll and glass fiber mat for pre efficiency. synthetic and glass fiber pocket for pocket filters and so on, HEPA filters should use fine glass fiber material. if you need the filter for air purifier, fine polyester filter paper is recommend

Size and Shape and airflow rate

this help us confirm the size and filter media area. Normally, the filter size is standard such as 24*24 inch or 12*24 inch, of course there are some other standard size. not every standard size meet your requirement. we offer custom size service. you can offer CAD design file or if you don`t know how to handle it, we can design it for you. for some irregular shape, we can also do that, for example, triangel, round, trapezoid and so on

Special construction

what kind of design you prefer, there are some normal frame for air filters, for example waterproof paper, wooden, galvanizted, stainless steel, painted steel plate, molded ABS plastic; each frame has special design and appearance

anti-bacterial, high temp, high airflow rate design, or for air purifier or just for your housing ventilation and so on

polyester filter media

  • Polyester media with large dust holding ability and low pressure drop, it`s a wonderful material for primary efficiency level and its price is very economic.
  • Disadvantageous – only normal temperature application, for high temperature please use glass fiber mat polyester media is a nice choice for primary efficiency ventilation system.
  • For example, panel air filter for the commercial building HVAC, air conditioning ventilation filter, air purifier first stage filter

glass fiber media for customized painting spray filter

  • glass fiber is fluffy and light, the air filter can pass throught easily without much pressure drop, the fluffy construction is wonderful for collecting painting oil, the painting oil partical will stick on the long glass fiber, cause it`s fluffy, it can collect much painting oil
  • glass fiber is ok for high temperature application, it can be used for oven pre air filter, primary air filters for high temperature ventilation system
glassfiber filter media

Fine glassfiber paper for HEPA filters

  • Fine glassfiber paper with super high level filter efficiency, remove dust with good efficiency 99.99% @ 0.3 um. it`s the material for cleanroom HEPA filters
  • Fine glassfiber paper with higher efficiency but the resistance is higher than other material, if your requirement below class 100 or you just want to remove some large dust. glassfiber is not recommend. if you want to create a high level standard cleanroom, then glassfiber is necessary.


  1. Filter frame SUS 201 / 304 / 316L
  2. Galvanized steel
  3. Kraft paper frame
  4. cardboardWooden
  5. particle board
  6. molded plastic


  1. from MERV 1 to MERV 20
  2. from G1 to H14


  1. for residentialfor industrial & commercial
  2. for cleanroom
  3. for air purifier
  4. for other special equipment
  • To find a nice supplier and manufacturer for customized air filters
  • We always helping clients design and test the filters
  • Design – include shape, efficiency, construction, multiply function, color, packing and so on
  • Test – sample test to make sure everything is right before mass production
  • Economic solution
  • As a manufacturer and supplier for the custom air filters, we aim to provide economic solutions, the professional team make R&D become easier and faster and more economic