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Cleanroom air shower

Air shower, reduce cross contamination

Air Shower for cleanroom

  • Air Shower is the equipment for cleanroom to control the cleanliness level. Stuff entering and exit the cleanroom must throught air shower, air shower blow high velocity airflow to remove dust and other pollutions from the surface of stuff and cart.
  • Air Shower with interlock function that the two doors won`t open at the same time, this make sure higher pressure air in cleanroom won not flow to outside area.

Basic introduction





Outside size1240*1000*2100mm1240*2000*2100mm1950*2000*2180mm
Inner size800*900*1910mm800*1900*1910mm1500*1900*1950mm
Cleanliness level99.97% @ 0.3μm ( mircon )
ControlControl panel inside chamber, physical button, voice guidance
Nozzel quanity122424
HEPA filterEfficiency H13/H14, mini pleated, glass fiber filter media
Person1-22-44-8 and cargo
Airflow velocity13-18m/s
Power supply380V
Power consumption1500W3000W3000W
IlluminationLED light - 5WLED light - 10WLED light - 15W
Housing materialInside: SUS201 or SUS304
Outside: SUS201, 304, 316L, or powder coated steel

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