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HEPA filters is the common product for cleanroom final filtration, glass fiber media remove fine dust as small as 0.3 micron with good efficiency 99.97-99.999%. There are minipleat, deep pleated, high volume, gel seal design for the HEPA filters. Each HEPA filters will be tested before shipment to make sure there is not air leakage. We can offer standard size and customized size for HEPA filters.

AHU air filters is mainly be used in Air Handling Unit, there are some different type of air filters, primary air filters, pocket filters, v bank filters and so on. Air handling unit is very common for commercial building. Main efficiency is F6, F7, F8 EN:779, all air filters should with large dust holding ability and high air flow rate. EawayFilters is the professional manufacturer for air handling unit, welcome to contact us for more detals.

Pre air filters can remove dust with good dust holding ability, the main function of pre air filters is collecting dust and protect the second stage air filters. Pre air filters is simple design, frame and filter media. The filter media can be glass fiber and polyester. Frame material can be kraft paper and galvanized steel and stainless steel. Efficiency is G1, G2, G3, G4 EN:779. About more details, welcome to contact air filters supplier – EawayFilters

Air Conditioning Filters remove fine dust for HVAC air conditiong system, best design for collecting dust and lower resistance. there are nylon mesh and kraft paper primary air filters, the nylon mesh can remove long fiber, large items, washable. the kraft paper pre air filter is economic and light weight, compact design.

High temperature air filters canbeat high temp from 250°C to 400°C. High temperature Pre air filter, the filter media is long glass fiber, frame is galvanized steel and SUS. High temperature HEPA filters, the filter media is fine glassfiber paper and aluminum foil corrugated separator. Frame can be galvanized steel and SUS 201/ 304.

Features: 1. Acid and alkali resistance. 2. Strong structure and good washability. 3. High dust capacity, large air volume and long service life. 4. High-temperature resistance: coarse dust filtration, applicable for high-temperature environment and air Application: 1. Primary filtration of central air conditioner 2. Special acidproof, alkali or high temperature ventilated filter material is lined with single-sided metal wire mesh

Painting booth air filter is designed for collecting painting oil so that keep painting room clean. Dust in painting room may cause flaw on the surface of painting item, dust control is the most importance part in painting room. there are polyester primary filter, glass fiber filter, pocket air filter, F7 fine filter, high temperature F7 filters should be used. All painting booth air filters provide with standard size and custom size.

HVAC air filters

Pre air filter, pleated air filters, panel air filters, pocket air filters, v bank air filters, HEPA air filters. remove dust for HVAC system, imporve the indoor air quality, keep air ventilation tunnel clean from dust and enlarge its service life

Custom HEPA filter for air purifier, glass fiber or PET polyester as the filter media, efficiency is H12, H13, H14 EN:1822. Frame can be kraft paper, galvanized steel, stainless steel and so on. Size can be customized, also shape can be customized. If there are some strange shape like around, angle, cylinder, all design is ok for us. 

Custom Air Filters help you solve some strange ventilation application. not only the shape customized, we can custom efficiency, filter media, filter frame, and filter shape, even for some special occasion like high temperature, high acid, and high alkali situation.