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Air Conditioning Filter

Efficiency G1 / coarse

Very low filtration level, allowing wind to pass easily. It is suitable for primary filtration of air conditioning ventilation system, which can effectively filter large particles of dust, hair, leaves, waste paper, sand and stones, etc.

Frame & filter media

Frame can be aluminum alloy, frame thickness is 8mm, 10mm, 21mm, 46mm and so on
Filter media is nylon mesh, polyester, polyfoam
filter media washable


For computer / data center remove dust / particles
for HVAC / air conditioning system pre filtration

Efficiency G3 / G4 En:779

the cardboard frame primary air filters efficiency is G3 / G4 EN:779
With large dust holding ability and higher airflow rate

Frame & filter media

Frame can be corrugated / kraft / cardboard / waterproof paper thickness 0.5-3mm available with economic and light weight advantageous
Filter media is polyester / synthetic


For HVAC / AHU replacement, for air conditionor replacement air filters / for furnace replacement filters