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About Us

EawayFilters is the factory for custom air filters, standard air filters such as pre air filter, pocket filter, pleate air filter, HEPA filter, V bank filter, high temperature air filters, fan filter unit, pass box, air shower, customized laminar flow hoods, customized modular cleanroom and so on. Custom air shower for different shape, size, material, application and so on !


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Our story

EawayFilters started to manufacture air filters since 2002, then we selling air filters, custom air filters, ffu, air shower to China domestic market. at the present, we have workers only 5 but now we grow up to more than 50 stuffs.

Since 2017, we start to selling air filters to overseas market, to meet the requirement of different clients, we offer standard air filters also offer custom air filters. All of the air filters and other products can be our brand EawayFilters or OEM/ODM service. Now, we have sold the custom air filters to more than 20 countries.