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In Here, we introduce our factory, the air shower manufacturer in China

Air shower is a very common equipment in the clean room. Its function is to maintain the cleanliness level of the clean room as well as the access of employees go entering or exit the clean room. Air shower can reduce the operation cost of clean room and improve the qualified rate of products.We are a manufacturer of clean room air shower.The factory is located in Shenzhen, China, our production of air shower can meet the requirements of most industries, there are standard air shower versions and customized air shower versions, welcome to contact us.

Air Shower Interlock System

Usually, air shower is sealed by two doors. Only one door can be opened at the same time when an employee passes through the air shower. If one door is open, the other door is closed. Since the pressure in the clean room is higher than the pressure in the unclean area, if both doors are opened at the same time, the clean air will flow to the unclean area, resulting in lower pressure in the clean room and lower cleanliness level. The two doors of the air shower room we provide cannot be opened at the same time, so that the air flow will not flow to the unclean area.

Stainless steel nozzle

The clean room has a stainless steel nozzle that can be rotated. The air coming out of the nozzle is purified by a high efficiency HEPA filter, which is very clean air. This kind of high-speed air can blow away dust, smell and other pollution sources on the surface of staff garments. There are various design schemes for air shower nozzle system. The most common air shower is equipped with 28 nozzles, 12 on the left side, 12 on the right side, and 4 on the ceiling. The air speed from the nozzle can reach 25m/s, and the spraying time can be set from 0 seconds to 99 seconds, according to the needs of customers.

Air Shower Shell

The material of air shower room mostly are stainless steel 304, SUS201 or paint cold plate steel, also have colour steel plate additionally.We do not recommend the use of color steel plate, because this material is not durable for a long time usage, and it is easy to crack and break. If the air shower needs to be installed in a relatively humid place such as the clean room of the food industry, then stainless steel 304 is a good choice, because this kind of air shower has a good function of anti rust. SUS201 and paint cold plate steel is a more economical option, they also have a very good anti-rust function. The appearance of the paint cold plate steel is very elegant, pure white shell, very suitable for the clean room environment. The thickness of the shell is 0.8mm, 1.0mm and 1.2mm. The strength of 1.2mm is better, but the price is a little higher.The use of a thicker shell can effectively maintain the strength of the air shower, the surface is not easy to sag, after a long time of use can also maintain a good appearance.

HEPA filter

The filter of air shower room is high efficiency filter and primary effect filter, the function of high efficiency HEPA filter is to remove the dust particles in the air, so that the clean grade reaches more than class 100, and then this kind of purified air is accelerated by the fan blowing to the staff. The high efficiency filter we provide is a mini pleated design, H13 efficiency, glassfiber filter paper as the material, which can be used for several years. If you need to change the HEPA filter, you can find a local dealer or you can directly contact us, we provide you with the standard HEPA filter.


The high velocity air flow from nozzle spray the surface of stuff garment, and finally the air flow will go into the exhaust return diffuser located on the air shower chamber bottom. The returned air flow will purified by HEPA filter again and accelerated by blower again. This is a cycle process, because the airflow has took along part of the dust pollution from employee garment surface, someone may think the airflow is not cleaned and should throw away, but when it comparing with the air from surrounding environment. The recycled airflow is much cleaner. This reuse reduces the burden on the hepa filter and extends its life.

Control panel and voice prompt in air shower

As a professional air shower manufacturer, we will provide corresponding control panel. The language system of the control panel is Chinese or English. Through this panel, workers can control the wind speed of the motor in the air shower, which may directly lead to the change of the wind speed at the nozzle. The running time of the fan can also be controlled, and 0-99 seconds can be set. The initial value of our factory setting is 10s.You can also use this to control the lighting in the air shower. The function of voice prompt, when the employee enters the air shower room, the control panel has the function of voice prompt, which can guide the employee to do the correct operation, such as waiting for the air shower spray, rotating their body to ensure 360 degree all-round blowing, and finally prompt the employee when it`s the time to go out. Voice prompts are available in both Chinese and English.

Is it necessary to blow the shower every time you enter the air shower chamber?

No, if the employee enters the clean room from an unclean area, air shower blow is required. If the employee leaves the clean room and goes to the non-clean area, the air shower blow may not be necessary. If no blow when leaving the cleanroom, this can reduce the time for employees leaving cleanroom, improve work efficiency and reduce the power consumption of the air shower room.


Air Shower Door System

We provide air shower to many place of the world. According to the long time of production and sales process, we found that the air shower door closer are more common vulnerability. A lot of air shower manufacturer not notice these, they will use some bad quality door closer in order to save cost. As a professional manufacturer, we always choose the good quality door closer, though this will cost a little more, but the service life of air shower door closer will increase longer.

Why the door closer so easy to break?

Because the air shower is used many times a day, many employees enter and exit the clean room from it. Closing and opening doors many times can easily lead to loss of door closer. It is necessary to use high-quality door closer. In the meantime, the quality of the door shell also needs to strengthen, use a bit thicker sheet metal, multilayer design also is one of our air shower`s characteristics.

Different design and styles

As a professional air shower manufacturers, we provide standard specifications of air shower, but also provide customized air shower. Many cleanrooms require customized shapes due to space and design constraints.We can offer L-shaped, U-shaped, and air shower tunnel. It can also be designed to be smaller or larger. Different applications, different industries also need to use different air shower, there is a need for heating air, because the ambient temperature is very low and the air from the nozzle is very cold if the temperature is too low will make employees easy to catch cold. There is also a larger cart air shower can trans large items and goods.

L and U type air shower

The L shape and U shaped air shower is mainly required because the space of the clean room is limited.Generally, the air shower is straightway, if the air shower is not convenient for the access of employees, you can choose to use L shape and U shaped air shower, the specific design drawing show as below

Multi Unit air shower tunnel

This kind of design can assure install more employee each time, it`s a save time design, normally the air shower unit is modular design, can add many modules to make longer tunnel, 2 modules and 3 modules are commonly and more modules are available. large size air shower tunnel can load 30 above employee at a time.

Large cart air shower

Large size cart air shower is the tunnel for large cargo and goods. Many factories need to produce products in a clean room environment, and after the products are packaged, they need to be transported out to the unclean or lower level of cleanliness warehouse for storage, which needs to go through the air shower. Generally, the air shower can only be passed by employees, and the large cart air shower is the entrance and exit of goods.

Air shower can be used in a variety of different ways to open the door

Traditional electronic interlock, manual door opening – when the door is in the electronic interlock open configuration, employees need to open the door manually if they need to go through the clean room

Electronic translation door of infrared ray induction — through infrared ray induction, the door will open automatically when employees are away from the infrared ray induction device for a certain distance, and close automatically when all employees are detected to enter the air shower. This is a very convenient design, reduce the time of staff in and out the air shower.

Rapid rolling shutter door – mostly for large cart air shower, rapid rolling shutter door is very big and size can be customized. Opening and closing speed is very fast, very suitable for busy dust-free workshop, fast shutter make use of air shower is more fast and convenient.

For more information, please read our product brochure

As air shower manufacturers, we provide standard and customized air shower. According to the long-term production, sales and after-sales, we summed up a lot of ways to improve the design and quality of our air shower. We selling air shower to many countries and areas of the world. If you need more information, like something about how to use air shower, air shower installation, air shower maintenance and other related details, you can read more in here or contact us directly. At the same time, we also provide pass box, high efficiency HEPA filter and other products, welcome contact us for more information.

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