Best factory for air shower in China

There are hundreds of different factory and trader in China for air shower, HEPA filter and other cleanroom equipment. You can find them in Alibaba, Made in China B2B platform and so on. Everyone say they are the professional and air shower quality is so nice. But you cannot tell which one is the best and offer you good quality air shower, of course with good competitive price.

A nice air shower factory, they must equipped with R&D team and professional metal folding instruments. Laser cutting and auto folding equipment ( Excellent shearing bending ) is necessary. Some of the small factories they don`t have advanced Laser sheet metal cutting machine, they don`t have Precision bending machine, most of the air shower housing are made by hand and that is not accurate and not elegant.

So, to choose a nice air shower factory, you need to see if they have nice metal plate cutting and folding system. And if they have professional R&D team for example to design and improving the air shower design.

They must be responsible to their clients

If you are purchasing air shower from China, you may don`t have chance to travel to China and see the real factory, what you can see only a little pictures and some small video. You cannot tell if the supplier is really what you want. The first cooperation maybe tentative.

Good and responsible air shower factory must offer you real air shower totally according to their description, and all the specifications are meet standard cleanroom requirements.

One price = one quality

There is the old saying in China, one price equal one quality, it means you cannot always to choose cheapest price air shower, thus you maybe get really a bad experience. You can find many many very low price air shower in Alibaba and Made in China, but they cannot guarantee quality and even cannot give you the right specification.

The worst result if you get a bad quality air shower

  1. The housing is weak and easily to sunken and bend.
  2. The housing is not really stainless design, get rust easily
  3. The HEPA filter is not really H13 and clean efficiency is not good
  4. HEPA filter service time is short
  5. Not enough motor ( some big size air shower needs more than 2 or 3 motors, but some supplier only offer you one ! )
  6. The door closer is broken easily, cause the door is used frequently, door closer broken easily if quality is not good enough
  7. Not enough air flow rate because of less motor and fan
  8. Too much vibration when operating the air shower
  9. Interlock system not always working

Those are the some normal problems for air shower, not every factory will fix it and improve air shower quality according that !

As the manufacturer and factory for air shower, EawayFilters offered many air shower to many different countries and area. We have strong quality checking system and we make sure the common problem won`t appear when using our air shower

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