The manufacturer of Cart air shower with fast rolling shut door

The cart air shower with fast rolling shut door, it`s special designed for cleanroom, for food processing cleanroom, for large LED cleanroom, for pharmaceutical cleanroom and so on.

Why using cart air shower for your cleanroom ?

  1. The cart air shower with double interlock fast rolling shutter door, the door with open and close automatically when stuff get close to it. The fast rolling shut door is save room and save time. It`s much useful in busy cleanroom production schedule.
  2. The shutter door is interlocked and two doors won`t open at the same time
  3. Motor be placed inside the frame to save space
  4. Shut door running fast than normal door
  5. The shut door material is special designed and can use for at least 10 years

Comparing with the standard air shower, cart air shower is much larger and higher. Size is customized and nozzle quantity is customized.

Some basic information about the cart air shower

Frame: stainless steel inner and outside frame, 304 or 201 stainless both OK
Door: fast rolling shut door, the door running speed is 0.8-1.5s to close the door and 0.6-1.2s to open the door, the speed can be adjusted
Motor: power 0.75-1.5Kw, input 220V/380V, or 110V
Control system: centralized control system with panel interface
Shut door material: high density plastic vinyl thickness 0.8mm to 1.5mm, color can be customized
Fireproof: it`s hardly to fire
Use temperature: -10 centigrade to 70 centigrade
Air velocity: 25m/s
Nozzle: stainless steel nozzle rotate 360 degree available
HEPA filters: H13 99.97% En:1822
Size: customized according to the client`s requirement

The control system of cart air shower

  1. By remote
  2. By RF scan sensor
  3. By physical button

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