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we offer standard and OEM air filters, cleanroom equipment. Custom air filters and custom air shower, custom fan filter unit, custom pass box.

What we do ?

we offer custom air filters and standard air filters to you. do you want to custom your own air filters ? do you have some strange shape, size, application air filters ? we have professional R&D team to help you fix the air filter problem. we design the air filters via CAD and chooce best material according to our experience and knowledge.

We know, some times, the air filter size maybe strange and irregular. How you handle this problem ? You may cannot find a right size and shape air filter in the market. Why not to contact us for costom air filter service ? We have professional R&D department and sales with good knowledge. We believe you will get what you want by contact us !

Standard Air Shower size is confirmed, maybe the standard size is ok for you. Or maybe you need a custom one. Also about the shape, design. Air shower tunnel /  L shape Air Shower / U shape Air Shower / Fast shutter door air Shower / stainless steel material air shower and so on. all of those speical design, special material air shower are can be customized by us. welcome to contact us for more details !

To offer professional service for air filter design and manufacure & with reasonable price

All kinds of air filters for HVAC, Industrial, Commercial, Household, Air Conditioning and cleanroom, here is the product brochure for you !!!


Our Advantageous & features


if you want to know more about our products, please contact us or download our product brochure.

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Some news about air filters and clean room equipments

pharmaceutical air shower

Air shower for pharmaceutical The workshop of pharmaceutical industry, raw material workshop, preparation workshop and so on must guarantee a certain level of cleanliness.In addition

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Air shower for hospital

Air shower for hospital The use of the air shower room in hospitals is not very common, but in major operating rooms and icu-intensive care

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